Saturday Sailing 17/8/13.

Many thanks to Mark for sending in this weeks report and for the photo's of the launching jetty that Mark and Carl have been constructing .
"What an afternoon, the wind made it almost impossible to sail but call us brave or fools we decided to give it a go.
Just four of us today Carl, Paul, Phil and myself all of us need to do some repairs to our boats, some more serious than others.
Paul brought along his new fast electric boat which will soon be on the water, and so along with Pat and his new boat this means that Carl now has some serious competition.
Unfortunately did not have chance to take pictures of boats because of the weather as soon as boats were on the water they were almost impossible to sail and they were taken of the water.
I believe that the weather is due to improve tomorrow and some members have plans to sail on Sunday.
I did take some pics of the jetty you will see that it is now secured with chains and locks and is very steady to walk on, in addition it will be easy to adjust to allow for the rise and fall of water levels all the wood has now been treated, many thanks to Tony for supplying the wood to construct the walkway it has really made a difference to access."