Saturday Sailing 10/8/13.

Firstly, I apologise again for my non attendance at the Sailing site, but due to some family illness problems, my attention is needed elsewhere. Many thanks to our club chairman again for taking a camera and supplying the pictures and report.

As you can see in the pics the jetty is now securely fixed in place and attached to two steel poles that have been driven several feet into the bed of the pool.
The jetty has been attached with chains and is very solid to walk on thus making it very easy to launch all types of boats, it will also be easy to adjust to the varying water level of the pool.
The steps still need some work but Carl and myself have plans to make these more secure and safer to use.
On the whole tough I am pleased to say that all who went today were pleased with the result.

Saturday 7th September is Chasewater MBC's Sailing Regatta Day, Located at the Ski Club Centre.
If there are any clubs interested in joining us on the day that have not yet responded to their invites, you still do have time to book a club space, please email Steve [Club Secretary] at