Saturday Sailing 20/7/13.

Today's  weather was something of a dramatic change, I don't think anyone was expecting yet. Clouds covered the skies, a cool breeze and only intermittent glimpses of the sun.  Nevertheless, it did not prevent the hardened few members of our club from sailing. To those who arrived on time, I apologize for my lateness and for not getting there in time to take pictures of your boats out on the water, but I was delayed on other business.

Marks latest boat, taking the breeze


Now to a lot of watchers, you would now be clutching at your wallet, then looking for the rescue boat............ no need ! Carl has converted this one with an "auto flip"  so once the boat flips over, water is allowed to flood in to a small side tank, which causes the boat to turn on its side, then the bouyancy of the boat takes over and hey presto, its upright again.