Saturday Sailing 18/5/13.

Today's weather was definitely "not" what was forecast, cloudy with showers? Ok, so might of been the odd cloud passing overhead, but it remained dry.
Unfortunately, the work party scheduled for today had to be cancelled, so the weeds will have to grow on a bit longer, but we did manage to move the harbour complex a little further off shore and remove the ground anchors from the shore bank, mostly to deter "little fingers" from temptation.  The harbour will have to be "adjusted" a little further, but this will now have to be done offshore. A set of plastic road cones have been set aside to slip on to of the fence posts, to the right of our sailing area, these again, will be set in place once availability of a boat occurs.

Today saw the first of the now reclassified "Saturday sailings", ALL future sailing sessions, especially at the ski club site will be "MIXED",. This is again due to the few member numbers in attendance, so those hardy few that do regulary attend, can work things out and sail boats of differing speeds together.
It was nice to see a 1mtr yacht out on this area for the first time, the breeze was changeable in direction but added to the challenge.
It was also disappointing to see so many breakdowns as well as the odd "flipover" too, but the boats were all able to be rescued with assistance from another r/c boat.

* As a reminder. Chasewater Model Boat Club is currently purely for non i/c model boats.  We have now managed to get permission to sail in a larger area of water, on the main lake itself. However until we obtain permission, we are unable to accept or sail  i/c  model boats at this time.