Saturday Sailing 27/4/13.

This afternoon's weather  proved as much a mixed bag as the boats being sailed!
HAIL............. Rain......  Sunshine.............. and .......WINDY !

Ok, so mix them up in as many different combination s as you can think of, then you might be somewhere close to actual weather conditions for sailing.

Yes, it was a mixed bag of weather but it still did not deter the ever faithful few club members from have a go.
The windy conditions did catch by myself and Carl out a few times, sailing our yachts. On occasion there was more wind than either boat could cope with. But we waited about 10 minutes  the sun came out again and the wind became a little more easier to sail with..
Mark brought along his newly built tunnel hull for testing, things seemed to go fairly ok with a few minor adjustments being made between sailings until  the motor controller gave out.

Yep, its breezy !

Easy peasy going downwind!


Saturday sailing is for :  MIXED CLASSES. at the boating pool.

Monday 6th:      Ski & Sailing club open day @ Ski club site, Chasewater MBC will be putting on a display                                                                               of boats as well as on water demonstrations.