New member boat build.

We have a short series of updates coming for you all, as one of our club members has kindly taken a series of pictures as he has first purchased all the bits and in due course, put them all together.

So here goes with PART 1:

The first set of pictures shows the hull and the loads of parts I got all at once thanks to a very kind gift from my wife of a large fist full of cash.
the hull is a lynx which is 47 inches long x 13 and a half inches wide.
the powerplant is a Zenoah 9, which is fully modified :

modified walbro big bore 1048 racing carb
modified gasflow and cylinder porting,
modified lightened piston,
modified squish,
modified induction port and timing,
relieved piston to prevent seizures.
giving a total of 7.7bhp

Now even I can't wait for part 2 !