Club member boat build part 6.

Heres pt 6 of the boat build from Mark:-

After fixing in the stuffing tube, t-bar support, the radio box was next on the list, I used a 2mm thick carbon fibre plate as the servo tray which was cut to size with a dremmel multi tool.
the radio box is a large double sealed type with 5 rubber boots for the rudder, throttle, receiver aerial x 2 (spectrum mr 3000), and killer rc super bee kill switch. the servo's are mounted with cnc clamp type mounts which are very strong and makes setting up the rudder and throttle a breeze.
the box will be fixed in with polyester fiber glass resin and cf , because the hull is made with the same resin you must always use the same materials for the best bond strength . the fuel bag is secured to the engine rails with cable ties on both sides.