Saturday Sailing 9/3/13.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but the photography of the day was split between both myself and Mark, so had to wait for the pictures to arrive.
Saturday was very chilly but at least a dry day. there was a bit of roughness to the water surface, but the deep vee hulls certainly cut through this and powered away with ease.

Like a bat out of the proverbial!

Just that little bit too much on the power......and...........

YES ! Mark's fishing boat is going under a complete makeover.

My Vic, powering away in the breeze.

To put the cat amongst the pigeons, I took along my Victoria yacht, well there was definitely a breeze to keep it moving. thanks to the club members there for letting me "sail" and for keeping their distance from the yacht !

"words of encouragement"!

Next Saturday's sailing is : MIXED SAILING, so all classes/types welcome.

REMINDER:  RNLI  SOS event is the following Saturday, starting at 12.30pm.
ALL Lifeboats and rescue craft , crash tenders more than welcome.

This will run alongside our Scale and Sail afternoon too.

A collection will be on site and ALL collected will be for RNLI so give GENEROUSLY !