Member boat update - Victoria Yacht Build.

I have finally completed the build, er as far as I know  [famous last words I do appreciate]. I have added as many of the Longbow accessory options as I could see fit, apart from replacing the sails. I need to see how it handles on its factory originals before I can make any judgement on this item.

Victoria racing rules state a minimum "all up " weight of 4 1/2 Lbs. I did try my best to shave off what I could, but have still finished with a complete boat weighing in at 4 Lbs 12 ounces.  So I failed [ha ha]. Must of been the spray paint on the hull, my excuse and sticking to it.
trouble is, apart from running different sail cloth material colours, there is little way of identifying your own boat out on the water, if sailing with a few similar yachts, so I decided to paint the hull.
I did run the sail servo wires  internally, to reduce any chance of a snag on something on the outside, plus by doing this it also enabled me to have an easier method of adjusting the cables, via the adjustable bowsies at the stern, either side of the steering position [see pic]. modifications, which is easier than using the factory This modification is again part of the suggested  modifications, and beats the fiddly factory setup with cable loops and nipping cable ends under screws, then finding you forgot your screwdriver, or it slipped out of your pocket on the way from the car park.

On carry tray,

Adjustable jib mount on deck

factory supplied stern cover plate has been cut back to allow easy access to rudder arm and post

Notice ships wheel has been cutout to allow free run of rudder servo rod

space for radio transmitter and a small box of spares too I dare say

In upright position, ready to be carried away

plenty of support from nylon straps and cushion foam at stern

sail servo position

Super long sail servo arm [Longbow accessory option]

Longbow mast support option parts with "tiger tail" wires

Masthead crane with all wires and cables attached
The carry tray was constructed from some pine floor boarding, glued together before cutting to length. it was also made so the factory supplied boat cradle, slips in to a couple of rails on the carry tray and all held together with 2 nylon strops with quick release clips. the tray has rubber feet attached to both sides to allow it to sit either "flat" to enable you to remove the yacht, or enable it to stand on its "end" for transporting.  I have also since the pictures were taken, drilled some more holes in the wooden frame to lighten it even more, so a bit less to carry, but trying not to cut/drill too many holes and make the frame too weak it wont survive the odd accidental knock.

All I have to do now is pluck up enough courage to try sailing it !
I just hope the pool is quiet when I do, I don't want to crash in to someone else's boat now do I ?