Saturday Sailing 5/1/13.

The first Saturday in 2013 and we finally managed to get some dry weather!
It was great to see so many club members at the poolside, my apologies for not getting round to speaking to you all, but camera and sailing my own boats has to be fitted in as well!
Mark's "Wee Nip" has taken to the water and appeared to be handling and sailing quite well, Nice one Mark!
 Carl's early Christmas present from Prestwich has been upgraded with more battery power and definitely moves more water than my camera can focus on.

My own tunnel hull was sidelined yet again, seems the  30 mm propeller from Propshop is not suited as good as the original plastic propeller supplied with the boat. It seems the slightly larger prop [by a  mere 2 mm diameter] is possibly cavitating and not driving the boat forward, so I will try one more time to get it to run properly, by raising the  shaft support up a little more to try and get the propeller tips nearer the water surface, before resorting to the original prop, especially as it seems to run so well on that.
Steve brought along his well detailed HMS Fearless, with all its working lights, this one would look great on one of our club evening sails.....

HMS Fearless is certainly impressive on the water

Andy's club 500 - on a mission !

Yep, I'm pretty sure its just the prop in the water

Brushless power - on the plane

Tite had his recently completed Crash tender on the water again, the out-runner motor in this boat certainly gets the hull up on the plane with ease.

The clubs "sailing calendar" started anew this year, so today was "mixed sailing"  [all classes].

PLEASE remember, next Saturday is for "Fast Electric" [brushed & brushless].  Hopefully we should have the marker buoys on site so a timed trial course will be setup for you all to try your hand at.

All boats will be timed separately  with only one boat on the course at a time, Quickest time around the complete course to count.
Missed buoys or wrong direction will not score.

Reminder to club members.
Club fee's and insurance is now due. Kindly remember to renew to get your club discount on membership.

For all those interested in joining our club. Please contact the membership secretary for application forms at this email address: