Saturday Sunset Sail 1/12/12.

Despite the cold temperature, it was a dry sunny afternoon, just a pity more club members did not venture out and make the sunset sail even better.
Many thanks to those that did and yes, a pity we did not get a second fully lit fishing boat out on the water, but someone had forgotten to recharge the batteries!

The main lake has taken in a lot of overspill water over the past couple of weeks and  is really swelling out to fill the area and the shoreline decreasing.

Someone has asked about our club sailing schedule, there is a basic listing if you scroll down the right hand side of this web page, or contact me [club secretary] and I can let you have more details, as due to "local weather " etc, certain sailing times do vary, the email address is as normal
Our clubs 2013 membership application and insurance forms are now available too, email me with your details and I will return forms to you asap.

And now for the sunset sailing bit, Ive found far better to film in video, rather than still pictures and give a better quality too.