Saturday Sailing 8/12/12.

This afternoons sailing was met with some sunshine, although the air temperature was only a few degrees above freezing plenty of club members turned out with their boats. Carl was definitely "there", too eager to try out his latest boat. C/O Prestwich model shop!
  The water was a little choppy but Carl's new hull made a clean line through the wave tops and certainly could be listed as  "stable" in the water.

As always, its really great to see sail boats on the water. Hopefully, Tony wont have to wait too long before his Victoria Yacht has a cousin to sail with, as I myself am currently building one an Mark is building a Wee Nip" too. I am just waiting for delivery of some Longbow accessories from Canada to arrive so I can progress beyond a bare hull !

In the meantime, I am continuing on with my R/C conversion on a 1/35th Scale Schnellboot after finally receiving the correct parts from a model shop in the "south east" of the UK. Finally after several phone calls and wrong /short shipments I have the bits needed to install the drive motors. All I need to do now is sort out the positions of the 3 rudders and the deck can be finally fitted in place. Some of the deck fittings are in place and some initial attempts of "weathering" on the armoured wheelhouse has been started.

Don't forget, that starting in January, we have arranged that each Saturday Sailing will be for specific classes to encourage more of particular boats out on each weekend. All current club members have been forwarded a copy and copies are available to all NEW club members wishing to join with us at Chasewater.

Anyone wanting details of Club  membership and insurance, please contact us via our club email: