Saturday "Sunset Sail" 3/11/12.

Many thanks to the club members who made the effort to come over this afternoon. Unfortunately the weather we had at lunch time did not last until Sunset, but never mind. "Its only water!" Fortunately, we all took Carl's advice and stood the rain shower out and continued sailing once the rain had stopped.
  Prior to the daylight giving way to the main purpose of our last visit to the pool, some of the faster boats took to the pool, but  with one thing and another , 4 boats got sidelined to the shore. One of my boats [Cen Aqua] had a battery connector melt [deans type] prompting  me to order some 4mm gold bullet type to retrofit my fleet with, I had tuned the motor up in my Koyosho 800, but a quick spin on the pool found that the motor timing was a little too far advance and it took the motor controller out due to high current draw. Marks latest purchase showed a very high set of  heels, catapulting off across the pool with barely the prop in the water, unfortunately, due to a possible radio glitch, his boat careered out of the pool, striking the rudder against the pool side wall and ripping the transom. One of Carl's boats also took a hit, the brushless motor deciding it had enough and failed, so a lot of people have work to do during the week ready for the next sailing session.


Revell 1/72 Flower Class Corvette Platinum Edition Kit (05112)

This model kit appears as a "PLATINUM EDITION" inclusive of photo-etched parts, a self-adhesive wooden deck and metal barrels for the cannon.

The Flower Class corvettes will always be associated with the Battle of the North Atlantic, even though they were also used in all theatres of war in World War II. Alongside other escort ships she bore the main burden of the battle against the German submarines. The escort ships of this class were derived from the collaboration between the British Admiralty and the Smiths Dock Company, which in 1938 had a successful design for a commercial whaler called the Southern Pride. Glue and paints are required to assemble and complete the model (not included).
Suggested Revell colours 5. 9. 45. 47. 56. 57. 75. 78. 79. 89. 95.

The main feature of this original design was that in accordance with merchant shipping practice it could easily be built in many small British dockyards and its basic engines could be handled by civilian dockyards. Sixty Flower Class corvettes had been ordered before war broke out and by the end of 1940 at total of 141 of the original design had been ordered. The first vessel (launched on 24.1.1940) was completed in 5 Months, the subsequent ones at a rate of one every twenty three days. Once it had been decided that corvettes were no longer to be used as coastal escort ship, but on the high seas, some modifications had to be made. Later these vessels were given a different hull with extended forecastle that improved their thrust and overhang to protect them against the Atlantic seas. In the course of the war the corvettes were equipped, among other things, with radar, more and more powerful anti-aircraft weapon.Total build: 256, Displacement: 940 tons, capacity: 2750 shp, speed: 16 knots, crew: 47 men

Revell 1/72 Flower Class Corvette Platinum Edition Kit (05112)

An Ideal conversion to radio control, plus a load more details than the original kit too.

Please check your nearest stockists for prices and availability in store, or mail order. this one could sell out quickly for a winter build project !