Saturday Sailing 17/11/12.

What an afternoon this was! Totally different to the weather forecast. The rain missed the area completely and left us with a very mild and sunny afternoon on which to sail.
What a pity a lot of our club members followed the weather forecast and stopped indoors, well you missed out on a cracking afternoon sailing.
A good few of our hardy sailors turned up, me included, but afraid unable to sail, yep, guess who forgot to put the boats transmitter in his bag?  Camera - yes, batteries - yes, bottle of pop - yes, spare batteries for cameras - YES. Transmitter for boat   NO !!!
Ah well better luck next time.

Talking of nest time  after discussion at the poolside between those club members there, Sailing on Saturday 1st December will be delayed for an evening sail [with lights]. So if you fancy sailing your boats in to the sunset, complete with lights, then pop over a bit later than usual sailing time. This usually starts off around 3.30 pm  but for those minus lighting, you can always sail earlier, at our normal meeting time, no problem.

Normal Saturday sailing will take place, next week [24/11/12.]. At usual sailing time.