Tuesday Sailing 7/10/12.

This evenings sailing was quiet, but being as the nights are getting darker earlier, it makes it more difficult to get to the pool before the fading light makes it impossible to sail.

* Notice to club members :-  Chasewater Site barrier is now closed at 5pm, you can access the site by walking in, after this time, but if you wish to get your car in, please do so before the barrier locks. Exit access is 24/7, just wait for GREEN light at barrier.

Even so, I took along my Martini boat to test out a revised setup, moving the battery a bit further forward to drop the bows, I also took along my RMAS Moorhen, simply to check out the lights at dusk. Andy had his usual selection of boats out on the water, his "Mistral" boat also had its navigation lights tested.
Pat brought along his brushless speed boat for a bit of testing, and yes, it did test Pat out!


Sorry but not taken any pictures of the Main Chasewater lake for a while, so  take a look at these. Ok, so we might get a bit frustrated about all the rainy days we have been having, but heres where some of it has been collecting.

Chasewater MBC will be holding its club AGM next month, Tuesday 12th November, so if you wish to make your vote count on club matters, nows your chance.

CMBC's annual Christmas meal has also been confirmed, this will take place on Friday 14th December, further details will follow in club members update.