Tuesday "Night Sailing"

Tuesday's weather was a bit on the damp side, a heavy mist was forming in the air, making the almost static air rather damp.
The turnout of members boats was fantastic and to then see the majority of them still sailing as the darkness fell and their lights were switched on, even better!
I hope a lot of you appreciate, taking pictures at night or in fairly dark conditions usually dictates that you use a tripod and the picture subject is static. Neither of course is practical when sailing a model boat.

BUT, I hope you like the video clips instead, these I think [and hope] have captured more that a static picture can show, especially getting a convoy of the majority of the club boats on the pool. Hopefully our "master camerman" will come up with yet more stunning pictures in due course [fingers crossed].

Anteo tug, complete with light show for the forthcoming event at Rugeley.

Ever faithful Sun Tug 25 with its working lights

First bath time for Tite's New Fireboat build !

Running with a brushless motor, it certainly moves along

And all we need now are lights and fire monitors.......

Pat's patrol craft , at speed

 Then, as darkness fell............

Saturday sailing......... Rugeley Power station model club are holding an afternoon sail and sunset sail this Saturday, Some of our club members are going . For those who prefer not to, Usual club sailing will still be taking place.