Saturday Sailing, 27/10/12.

"Today's forecast is for fine and dry weather" was a quote off one of the weather forecasts. Well they were not wrong, ok so maybe a little on the cold side, damn cold with a strong chilly breeze too.

Many of our club members were not at the poolside, hopefully they were saving their batteries up for the Rugeley event,
So it left the pool for just two of us!
Thanks to Andy, for missing a bit of sailing to take some video clips of my Hobby King  f1 tunnel boat.  The weather/wind was making the water quite choppy in places, as well as putting a strong breeze across the pool too, just to make higher speeds just that little more exciting I suppose.

So don't forget to keep going to the bottom of this page for the video clips, after the images, which today include some more of the Main lake.

And now, just to prove that even I got caught out by the breeze, I turned the boat round a little too quickly, without dropping the motor rev's, caught the rest of a wave and the breeze kindly landed the boat on to the footpath for me !
Luckily, no damage incurred.

I have to give credit to the original builder of this boat, no I did not build or paint this one, this is "sailed as bought - secondhand. All I have done is adjust the propeller tub depth in to the water. I hope you get to see these clips and how the boat is still performing, its great !!!