Saturday Sailing 13/10/12.

The weather forecast was "sunshine n showers", ok  so yes we did have a very little shower of rain [if you could call it a shower], lasted a couple of minutes and then............back to sunshine. yes, it was definitely wear a fleece or jacket, as the air temperature was not as bright as the autumn sun.

There was a good mix of scale and sail again today, oh and the odd bit of "speed" too, both Carl's latest speedboat and my own F1 tunnel taking a few laps on a very calm pool water.

Marks latest adaption of n mtb hull is coming along, BUT, get a move on Mark!  you're running out of time for the Rugeley event [ha ha].

Mark also made comment on the "Orbital's carvery menu" Apparently he and the wife visited it on Friday evening and sampled the "fish n chip carvery"............ rumors have it that this has now been temporarily taken off menu, until further supplies are sourced!

* Tuesday Night sailing !

Anyone interested in a "Light show" sail, bring your boat along on Tuesday night, its being used as a "test night" for the upcoming events.
Kindly remember the barrier locks UP at 5Pm, so if you need to drive in, be there before this time, otherwise, we aim to be sailing for 5.30 - 6pm.