Tuesday Sailing 4/9/12.

This evenings sailing was again, quiet, the canoes had already been put to bed by the time some of us arrived, so plenty of open water to run the boats on.
After the first outing of my own f1 tunnel hull boat, I had adjusted the propeller shaft so it sat lower in the water and should allow the hull to sit lower in the water and not point the noise right up in the air like it did originally. Well it worked and the boat handles so differently now and certainly does move.
Andy was getting the hang of his new "tank steer" rtr boat and a little later on Mark hough brought along his fishing boat, complete with a water cooling jacket [that's now plumbed in] and a water cooled motor mount too. Carl too had a newly acquired  brushless boat to test out and after a little tinkering, it started to run at speeds that Carl could be satisfied with.

Apologies to Pat, Sorry chap, but you arrived just as I was leaving, so no pictures of your boats tonight, as the camera went home with me.