Saturday Sailing 1/9/12.

This afternoons sailing saw many different types and speeds of craft taking to the water, we also managed to get the attention of a lot of people visiting the Chasewater site too.
There was just enough of a breeze to allow the sail boats out, but not too much "chop" to prevent the faster boats from venturing out over the smaller wave tops.
Mark brought his latest boat to the pool for its first real water test, but due to a power plant heating problem, almost had a nuclear meltdown within the drivetrain. A minor glitch and easily remedied.... A slight mishap by Carl saw one of his astonishingly quick Zooms take a nose dive and have to be shore driven as an air boat. Yet more new boats took to the water today as Andy also have a new "rtr" Speedboat and I too had a recent purchase off E bay to test, A Hobby King F1 Tunnel, quite a looker in its refurbed paint finish by its previous owner, whoever you are, if you do get to see this post, I congratulate you on your paint job, Well done, I'm not going to change it !

No Wayne, you can't get salvage rights off Carl

So relaxing to watch sail.

yes, the only thing in the water is the Prop!

New Fishin' on the block

Even ducks fall out occaisionally

My Latest F1 Tunnel

Andy's new addition to the fleet