Tuesday Sailing 21/8/12.

This evenings sailing was cut short, several times due to rain showers, but when it wasn't raining, it was really nice............Honest !

The Koyosho F1 tunnel did actually run through 3 batteries this time round, er before breaking a flexi shaft !.
Ah well, there is always another time, I just need to source a flexi for it. But here's a bit of video taken tonight, just to prove to the "non believers" it does actually   RUN !

Andy ran his 2 boats, just to prove that there are "reliable boats" [ha ha] out there. Mark Carl and Mac did turn up a little later, We did see a brief sail of a Piranha boat, but the reliability curse hit this one too, bowing out with esc burnout. Carl have an i/c hull adapted to brush less to test, but even this had problems with the prop drive and he was not able to fully put the power on. Its definitely "one to watch " out for very soon.

Don't forget, Saturday sailing does have a split session this Saturday,  The MAIN sailing time is delayed till 4.30pm, and is for mainly SAIL, but other craft will be allowed to run also, but the priority will be for sail.
However, if like myself, you don't have a sail boat, feel free to join me at 2pm for a normal sailing session.