Saturday Sailing 11/8/12.

This afternoons sailing pictures were kindly taken by Mark, our club chairman who kindly stood in for myself, as seen from the previous post, I was busy at Silverstone with Bentley Drivers Club. The afternoons sailing went well, hardly any bother from the canoe's at all for a change. the modified Huffy's still seem to be growing in both speed and number, perhaps soon we may see them racing together in competition.
There seemed to be just sufficient breeze to get a few sail boats out too, always a nice sight to watch I think.
"Keep on Tuggin' Wayne!"

A number of members now bring more than one boat to the pool,.

Mark's Sea Commander, still minus its nav lights !

Wayne's boat now sporting several new accessories I see.

Huffy - on a mission AND Airbourne!

The Josway boats still give their best and plough on like a scalded cat

A new boat on the pool, sorry don't know the owner of this one yet.

Club reminder---- PUB Night on Tuesday 14th August.

Any  Club member wishing to  Join Mark at Haydock Park at the Model Boat Convention, please get in touch with Mark ASAP please.