Member boat update. 2/8/12.

The Koyosho Wave runner has now had its final modifications completed. Firstly,  a Water jacket/cooling coil was slid over the motor, to assist with keeping it at a nominal operating temperature. The water pickup was already in situ, c/o Koyosho, so only needed a couple of pieces of silicone tubing to join all together.

The next job was to install a proper electronic speed controller and here's where my own personal fun started. I tried a Tornado speed controller, commercially available from numerous sources, but on fitting and testing, if I tried to steer the motor pod  with full throttle, the motor cut out ! So I tried an Mtroniks version and hey presto, no problem, all working fine!!

Wierd or what ??

I extended the main battery power wires so they reached the forward main battery compartment and also added a strip of velcro to the bottom of the boats battery tray.  This holds the battery down, but also allows me to alter the battey position and "boat balance" depending on water conditions.

The under side mod's too have been finished, the pontoon side strakes are now on, hopefully, according to what I have read, these "supposed" to give better cornering grip", we'll wait n see, but they are fitted anyway now. These combined with the inner pontoon water guides might make for some interesting handling.

All goes for the first test, hopefully this weekend, er "weather permitting" [ha ha].