member boats 30/7/12.

Firstly, apologies but I have no update on the usual "Saturday Sailing" by our club members, but I was not available, Mark [Club Chairman] was sidelined due to a sudden illness, but it seems hardly anyone turned up anyway, according to a spy with a camera we managed to send up there.

So, to fill in a small gap, I'll let you see some pictures of a second-hand boat I have just purchased.  Its  Koyosho Wave Runner. The original build by the purchaser was quite good and I even had the original instruction booklet too.

I did a bit of research on the internet and found a couple of interesting web sites which gave me a few "tuning tips", which I am keen to try out.
First job was to remove the original servo's, the rudder servo being replaced with a heavy duty metal geared version. This is to allow the fitting of a second steering rod to the outboard motor, so not to overload the servo arm on one side. Secondly the original drive system was a simple micro switch, triggered by the drive servo, so the boat went from standstill to full power as soon as you hit the throttle stick, not very good really, as it might make it difficult on turns, so it was removed ,ready to make room for a standard motor esc.

I then removed the  Outboard motor unit and separated the two halves to get access to the flexi drive. this was to check the drive and also if it was still serviceable. Once removed, the surface rust was removed from the flexi and it was then soaked in a thin oil to lubricate it.  I then wiped off the surplus oil and refitted the drive. The main prop shaft was also lubricated with grease and refitted too.

The next job was to modify the hull. Several sites suggested that a sharper "edge" is needed on the inner/lower edge of the sponsons, to create a sharp edge to make water separation easier, as the rounded edge of the originals creates drag as the water "hugs" the edge. So A sheet of paper was used to make a template before being transferred to a sheet of styrene. A pair of these trim plates were cut out and bonded to the hull, making sure to let the plate overlap the inner edge of the sponsons by 3mm and also the stern edge too by the same amount.

I now await arrival of the motor controller so I can then check out these mods. So watch this space for updates on its progress.