Colwyn Bay MBC Event 22/7/12.

Some of our club members [myself included] attended the Admirals regatta event, organised by Colwyn bay Model Boat Club. The morning haze soon disappeared in to a warm but occasionally breezy day. There were a few other model boat clubs in attendance as well as a few model boat traders too. There was some piped music to keep all entertained during the day, a local charity stall selling home made cakes and snacks
, a tombola, model boat auction, straight running demonstration during the lunch period as well as loads and loads of model boats on display, of which a few did take to the water too.
As you will see from the pictures, there were a few model Lifeboats too, but only 3 were brave enough to venture on to the water unfortunately, so the parade of Lifeboats was abandoned.
I have already requested that our club be put on the attendance list for next year, so leave so leave some space in your diaries!

Yep!, thats all "air" under the hull - on a real flyer!

Er, watch out for that marker buoy!

Ber Dush

canal barge to the rescue - many thanks to its owner for the assist!

yes, I did say watch that marker buoy

Our club stand

Some of the sailing boats

A rare Tyne class

Now this is a fishing trawler - take note Carl !

Nicely detailed Watson Class

Rother Class

yes we do have more than 1 club 500 in our membership

Tite's Barbie twins going for a summer spin

super detailed sister fire tugs

Club 500 race

even the big boys can flip/spin

The Onedin line theme tune was playing whilst the sail boats were out

Colwyn bay MBC Club stand

Another rare classic

Star of the show in my opinion

The Parade of Lifeboats

Many thanks to Colwyn Bay MBC for letting our club attend their event and my special thanks to Tite, Joyce and Andy for coming along to support our club stand too, it was very much appreciated.
here's looking forward to next years event and hopefully MORE CMBC members too.


  1. Thanks for the piccies Steve, looks like it was a great day plus good weather to boot.
    From your writtings and pics it seemed only a few people got ther boats wet !!
    With such a great looking pool i would have thought you would have had to elbow
    your way in to get a sail.
    The water looked clear as you can see the rudders and props of the boats.
    again thanks.


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