Saturday Sailing 2/6/12.

Bank holiday weekend.................... WHERE WERE YOU ALL ???

Ok, so it may of looked a little overcast, but it was dry, there was sufficient breeze AND depth of water for sail boats, yet so few club members on site.

For the few who attended this Saturday, there was plenty of water space to open the throttles and  use all the water space they needed.  Wayne had already spent several hours on site with his sail boat before the rest of us arrived. I, personally took along my Robbe Sea jet, after a controller upgrade . Dave brought along his superb Shovel Nose speed boat, which he has now fully planked And Pat turned up with another of his purchases. he had retro fitted it with a brushless motor and it proved to certanly move well and coped well with the slight choppyness of the pool water too.
The club now sports another 2 fishing boats, perhaps we need another "class" and steering challenge for these?