Saturday sailing 28/04/12.

This afternoons sailing was a little choppy to say the least and it did catch even the more experienced "pilots" out at some time or another.  Pat's boat seemed more at home hull side up, perhaps this might be the start of a new craze ! I have uploaded 3 video clips, one of which is on this page, the other 2 are on earlier posts, due to being uplinked from U tube, I am unable to slot directly to the one page post, but at least they are live on the blog.
"PTO" sticker may be an optional extra.

On the limit!

Mark must of taken a bravery pill before leaving home and certainly put his zoom brushless boat through its paces although came close to certain disaster a few times.  Mark was "seen" to take a deep intake of breath as his boat "recovered" and sailed on.