Chasewater Lake update 29//412.

The repair to the main lake dam and other refurbishment works have now been fully completed and the engineers have left site. The lake will now be left to its own devices to fill back up naturally. NO, the lake cannot be replenished from the canal network it serves to "top up" when they need water, as this would put undue demand on the canal network water levels. So, nature will have to take its course. Praying for rain is one thing, but so long as it does not rain on our clubs pool sailing days, then its OK by us !

The water level in our sailing pool is improving too. this shows the water level from paved floor to the water itself now.

The model boating site  has kindly made available a pdf image to allow people with "smart phones" to be able to link them easily with the websites. so its as quick as scanning a "barcode". 
1/ set your phone to bar code scanner [ or neo scan]
2/ hold phone over a single image untill your phone automatically accepts the image
3/ your phone will now connect automatically with the website you have scanned.
4/ simply "save" the details to your phone.
Just incase your phone cant scan the images above, try these instead.