Saturday Sailing 10/3/12.

Sorry but I was unable to attend the sailing afternoon, but Mark kindly took his camera along. Unfortunately, I do not have any  details of the event, so its an "only pictures day.

I will just add one thing, My time is currently being spread quite thinly as not only do I have my own boat builds going currently, I am also working in "consultancy " for a few more. A fellow boat modeller in Holland is building a Rhine pusher tug to the same plans as my own "Egrete" and I now have been contacted by another Model boater in Northern Ireland as both he and a Friend are about to start construction on a couple of Sun Tugs. fortunately I did take a lot of pictures during the building of my own boats, so am able to view these and then remember exactly what I did and also am able to forward the pictures  too.
I had tremendous assistance from retired ex sailors of the Sun Tug, so its only fitting I am more than willing to pass on the knowledge again to someone else.