Saturday Sailing 4/2/12

2pm sat, after 10 mins of snowfall.


Saturday afternoon saw the Midlands and a majority of the UK covered by the nasty white stuff that brings this countries road network to a grinding halt. Needless to say, there was no official sailing at the pool today.

So, just to keep a few interested, heres a few update pics of my Mersey Lifeboat build.  I have made a little more progress on the radar/aerial mast now, having only being able to get the main support bars and radar on for the Lifeboat day last saturday.
All the cabling for the lights and radar motor, run down the conduit pipes [as per original full size version] at the sides of the main mast support legs. The navigation lighst have been fitted and wired up, just waiting for the beacon lamp to arrive before being able to close off the wiring access panels.