member boat build update

Mark "B" has been busy on his Zoom, and has sent in some update pictures, He has applied his own "personally designed graphics". The propshaft support has been upgraded by fitting one of mark's own home made carbon fibre support plates, the boat being guaranteed to break from around the carbon support and not the support fail!  The drivetrain is sorted at its tail end, with an actura prop.


I too have spent a few cosy hours indoors with some more work done on the Mersey lifeboat. I have finally recieved the searchlights and spot lamps Ive been waiting for, so I can finally complete the main mast wiring and close up the birds nest of wiring it contains.  I have made  up the front screen washer piping from brass rod and the roof aerials and their bases too, making them either removeable or easily "hinged" to aid on transporting the boat to and from the pool by car.