Christmas Meal.

Tuesday 6th December was our club's first Christmas meal. This was held at the same venue we use for our monthly meetings, plus it is within a reasonable travelling range of the majority of our club members.
  We had a total of 26 people turn up which was very pleasing to note and do believe that all enjoyed the meal and conversations during the evening.
  It is anticipated  that after this event, further evening meals as well as an "annual dinner" will be introduced as we now have kate Hough [Mark's Wife] to look after the social calendar, I wish her well and sucess in this post and hope she can encourage sufficient members to attend.
So, here is the rogues gallery, er, sorry ! Some pictures mark kindly took of the evening, so thats why you don't see our club Chairman in any of them, he was behind the lens.

Now Steve,are you sure you can't accept £25 pound notes?

No, I'm sorry Doc, but £1 notes are not legal tender now
Chasewater Model Boat Club would like to sincerely thank all our club members for their attendence throughout the year, at the club's pool meets, pub nights and also at our show events. We aim to please all and encourage all members to attend when possible and you will be made more than welcome everytime you attend.
Please remember, this is a model boat club, formed by model boaters FOR model boaters. ALL ranges of skill levels, ages and ability levels are welcome to come along and join us. We have few club rules and regulations, only those necessary out of using public access areas, so its  more common sense than anything.
We do have some very knowledgable club members that are willing to pass on information to newcomers and members just needing advise or a second opinion. Thats what we are ALL here for.
Chasewater Model Boat Club is  here for you !