Saturday Sailing 19/11/11.

The main sailing event today was held at the South Staff''s Sailing CLub's lake Near to Gailey on the main A5. The weather was fairly mild, it did also seem as if there was hardly any brees, more the pity for the sail boats, but As Tony our sole "sail boat" today found out, once leaving the jetty area, there was sufficient breeze to make him return his boat back to the water several times, untill his transmitter batteries gave out!
mark brought along his Sea commander and his latest "toy", a zoom boat. Only did we find out later that mark was merely using this visit as a "test session" before going on to our main Chasewater pool to put Carl under a bit of "competition! [ha ha].  Titus and Alan came along with a selection of their boats, from rescue Launch to perkasa and a yet to be completed "MTB."  Nice to See Alan back on his feet again!  Hope he soobn makes a full recoevery and does not finishj the "Sir Kay" build off too quickly with all this spare time he has at present at home, or he may well need yet another "winter project" to keep quiet with !
Dave brought along his pilot boat and a super little F1 boat for sea trials. Have to say that once it gets a slightly smaller prop and a better battery, it will give some of the other faster boats a run for their money. My Sun Tug made one of its usual appearances and proved ever faithful, but I had a mishap with my Salina Sports boat, grounding out on the shallow shoreline and in my efforts to reverse off, lost a propeller!  Ah well, its only my second "lost prop" in 3 years, so i aint doin' too badly [ha ha].


WE WILL be sailing at SOUTH STAFF'S NEXT SATURDAY  26th November, as this will be the last weekend we have to Let the owners  and fellow members of the Sailing Club , oppertunity to see our boats and club members before making any decision if we may be allowed to return to their terriffic site or not.

Chasewater Model Boats CLub AGM will be held on Tuesday 29th November, at the Turf Lodge, Meeting will start around 7.15pm. Anyone wishing to put anything forward to the Committee, is kindly requested to put in writing and forwarded to the club Secretary before the meeting, allowing sufficient time fotr it to be duly processed and added to the minutes of the meeting.