International Model Boat Show 2011.

For those of you unable to get to the show personally, or for those who simply wish to know what its like before going there yourself, heres a breif glimpse of some of the models on display this year.
  the main hall was very crowded with loads of people wandering around, looking at model club stands, model shop stalls, of which there seemed to be more than ever I will add. All the stalls were very busy and it was difficult to get to speak to some people I knew, let alone buy anything.
The indoor display pool had a full itinery of live displays, so please listen to the tannoy announcments as they will let you know which club is on the water next. Whilst i was there the Lifeboat enthusiasts  society were busy putting on a live display, including one boat with a launchable inflatable boat, which was "cranded" off its deck and on to the water, before being radio controlled seperately on the water.

Heres some pictures of the show stands.