Club members "winter project".

One of our club members has kindly sent in some pictures of his own "winter project" for you to look at and he will also send more photo's in as his build continues.
Heres a bit of info about the boat too:
Its a 25 inch long by 7 inch wide stepped hull mono class 1 racer, which also self rights.
the powerplant is a 2075kv brushless motor with built in watercooling jacket and recomended 90amp watercooled esc.
5mm motor output shaft x 4mm flexi-shaft coupling through 4mm flexi-shaft, special stinger drive with no flexi-shaft loss through loose coupling.
the watercooled motormount has been fibreglassed in with kevlar strands through the holes in the bottom of the mount then carbon fibre over the top of the kevlar strands to make it super strong,

In the meantime, my Lifeboat continues to "grow" I have done some more wok on the cabin as well as some "reworking" on the hull, adding the step rails and mountings for the stern trim tabs and rudder tube extensions.