Wells Next The Sea 2010 Wells lifeboat recovety pt 1

Ever wondered how labour intensive it is to actually recover a Lifeboat, back out of the water and back on to its launching trailer?

Well, thanks to someone who kindly placed this on "you tube" you can all see how its done.

I wonder what "health and safety" would think about the proximity of all those "heads" when the winch ropes take up the tension from the dead weight of the boat.
"Hair today - gone tomorrow"?

"Tuesday Sailing" did not happen today, due to the weather, but at least with everything crossed, it will help to refill the pool up somewhat.

I have been busy making up some figures for my "ordered" lifeboat, just to get me in the right mood for when it does [ha ha]. I was fortunate enough to of bought a copy of Marine moddeling last year where there was an article on how to er, "refine" a readily available resin cast set of figures to represent the current "safety gear" the Lifeboat crews wear. this includes mods to the jackets, helmets etc, but hardy "heavy work", but be careful of the resin dust, alwasy wear a mask wehn sanding of filing/grinding away this stuff, its not very nice to your lungs in breathed in, so beware!

They are not fully finished as yet, still have some final tweaks to do, including the welly painting ! the "seated figure" doe snot yet have his head or arms installed, as I will have to await delivery of the boat to get the correct positions for these items as I intend to install him as the radio operator inside the cabin, so untill he has a desk and radio to play with, his arms will have to "hang loose" !
The observer is well prepared to stand alongside the Coxwain on the main deck, but due to heavy demand on "coxwains", the supplier has them on backorder for a few weeks, but its no problem, I dont yet have a wheel for him to hang on to either for about the same period!

Mark B, has also been busy, modifying his hydroplane boat, he has changed the intake grille for the engine bay. I have to say the boat/s look great together! Well done again Mark !