Saturday Sailing 10/9/11.

Todays sailing looked almost as if it was not going to happen, as one glance at the skies would of put a lot of people off, let alone the fairly high winds.
But proved wrong and quite a few club members turned out to sail their boats.
Carl brought along his latest version of Mark's "Huffy" kit, A brushless version with outrigger rudder. it certanly proved a point [or three], showing how versatile this little craft is. It handled the power very well and after some adjustment, Carl is to create yet a third version, with a higher mounted propshaft, allowing the propeller to run higher and allow the semi surface propeller to do its job better and give an even higher top end speed!
So watch this space yet again for another installment on this one.
We had 3 [yes 3] Huffy's out today, so proving to be a popular kit to sail very cheaply AND makes in to a very "no nonsense" fun boat, very easy to sail, turns on a 10 pence piece, does NOT sink ! Self rights within seconds and just continues along its path without a hitch.

The Club racing regulations are bring fine tuned, but we aim to run 2 classes:
Standard class:-  540 motor, up to 35mm prop and up to 7.4v battery.
Modified class:- Unlimited drive train mods, but NO modifications to silouhette of boat shape.

More on this to follow and a seperate web page will be launched for all to follow and download  the build details and regulations.

* PUB MEET NITE * Tuesday 13th September ,  7.15pm Start.
Mark Hough WILL be bringing along a selection of HUFFY kits along in "White/ Red/Yellow", you can purchase  a kit in single colour or any combination of the 3 you prefer, ALL same price to CMBC members £15. Non club members can also now purchase these kits for £19.00.
Mark aims to have a postal service arranged shortly, so you can order and have one posted out to you.

On with todays pictures.
* there are some video clips, I wil, upload these on an update later tonight *
[Time for tea].