Club sailing, Saturday 3/9 & Tuesday 7/9/11.

Appologies for delay in this post, but have been waiting for the pictures to arrive. Due to my recent arm operation, I have been unable to even lift a camera to my eye to take pictures, let alone sail my own model boats, So kind thanks again for Mark stepping in to both take pictures and sail his own craft too.
Saturday afternoons weather seemed dull and overcast, but was pretty reasonable poolside to be honest and there was quite a few club members there having a sail.
Tuesday evening was another story and it was only the fact that Carl wanted to show off his latest modified "Huffy" to the press that people attended I think as it was very windy and cold.

Well done to Carl, with the modified boat, It sailed very well and we will now have to create a "modified class" for the racing "Huffies" now.

Mark now has supply of coloured plastic sheets for the "Huffy", so he can supply  either in plain colour or combination of colours per customer request. heres a picture of the new colours available currently !

I have been patiently sitting at home, pending "clearence" from the hospital that I can now start some physiotherapy on my arm and get everything moving again, with some co ordination of course.
So what better than to be able to restart the RMAS Moorhen build, so have begun the ardous task of making and installing all the handrails. I initially purchased 7 packs of brass stanchions and used them up very quickly, so have had to order another 3 packs. Considering these packs contain 10 items, you can appreciate how much railing there really is. I gave up trying to use "proper" brass rod as I could not readily obtain it in decent lengths, 300mm being about the longest without a heavier postage rate for a super long package, so have resorted to copper wire, available in a roll and soft enough to be able to squeeze out the bends and kinks once in situ with a pair of long nose pliers. "SIMPLES"!

Once all the railing are in place, I can then get a subcontractor in to paint them!
the navigation light panels can now be fitted to the railing either side of the wheelhouse and create a bit more wiring to do and install, leaving just the deck working lights as the remaining lighting to be fitted. The handrails on the operating crane can be finished off too, then the paintwork completed on that too.

So, not much more left to do on this build, so whilst I had some time on my hands and not able to do much I have been trawling the internet model boat shop sites, looking for my next "new" project. I still have some "renovation jobs", but fancy another new one first.
titus has a "Sir Kay" Minesweeper project for the dark winter months and I almost chose to build a sister ship to his, thought a little more and almost opted for a frigate or destroyer, but the length of the hulls were daunting and my very adaptable volvo estate may of struggled with a 54 inch long hull !.

So Ive opted for a 1/12th Scale Lifeboat instead. A Mersey Class from Models by design. The order has been placed, I just have to wait  for the boat to be actually "made" as they make all craft "to order", which certanly assures you of the items being "new".
More of this in due course.

Incidentally, I only found out today but RNLI do have a plans service available for certain lifeboats, they are not 100% scale accurate, but could well be worth ordering if any others are building Lifeboats out there.