!/12th Scale Mersey Class Lifeboat.

Todays postal arrival at my home left the postman guessing its contents. A heavy cardboard box 4ft in length and 12" square. Inside? A "Models by Design"  Hull, Cabin and fittings kit for a 1/12th Scale mersey Class lifeboat.
Well, I fancied yet another "challenge" and being as the RMAS Morhen is nearing completion now, I wanted to get an order placed, so it would be "in stock" the moment my workbench had been cleared away.
After unpacking and examining the glass fibre moulds, i gave them a good wash in warm soapy water and rinsed them off, the due to the fabulous sunny weather, it only too a few minutes to dry, so thought it the best oppertunity to get my camera out and take a few pictures of it "as arrived" so to speak. I will post "updates" on this website but as yet, have not fully decided to post the full build on a forum or not.
to date, I have put all my boat builds on various forums and it has taken almost as much time to take pictures and type as it has to actually build the boat, so I'm, er "thinking" about "IF" I should do the same yet again, or just simply "do" the build and only take pictures for my own personal collection.................... What would you do?