Tuesday Sailing 5/7/11.

"Black Tuesday"!

Ive been told to call this update.

The surrounding local weather did give many members doubts of sailing tonight, those local to the pool had seen heavy rain showers during the afternoon preceeding sailing time whereas further afield, hardly a drop was seen at all.
Never mind, a few stalwart sailing members did arrive. The Southampton Tug did a sterling job to kick the evening off, Mark brought along his latest "prototype" hull for a bit of tweeking, unfortunately due to the fitting of a "trotters trading company" drive coupling, it spent more time slowly drifting to shore, than under power [Sorry Mark]. Tom's Southampton tug  succombed to a semi submerged plastic bag and fouled a propeller, unfortunately damaging a drive motor before it could be retrieved for removal. Carl arrived with his 2 speed boats, but yet again, the bugs took a big bite and the esc  inside the boat shorted out, causing the lipo battery to go in to "melt down".
Remember guys, fuses and current trips can prevent electrical failures and where possible, it is always better to fit them.
Patrick turned up with his cruiser and did some sailing too, but due to the fading light, the pictures taken of this boat were not of suitable quality to upload [my appologies]. This boat too suffered from overheating batteries, so another boat  seeking an upgrade.
Er I personally did not take a boat to the pool tonight, I switched the transmitter on prior to collecting all my gear together and the batteries needed a charge, but I removed them and placed on charge, I did not simply replace them with a spare set of charged batteries, so my boats stopped home.
Lets hope that all the bugs are ironed out for saturdays sailing team !
I'm crossing everthing "just in case! "

"Yes rubber Duck - We have a CONVOY"

naval rescue

Smoke bearing  red faced 100!

Dead Lipo