Tuesday Sailing 7/6/11.

Sorry but due to a change in job, I had to work late on Tuesday, so never managed to make a poolside visit, but looking at the rapidly changing weather, changing between gusts of wind, rain showers and sunny spells, I don't know if anyone else ventured out either.
All we can do is hope that the weather for the forthcoming weekend is dry if nothing else, as its our boat display at the Pelsal Canal festival, so even if you are not one of the club members attending, please feel free to pop over and say hello on the club stand.

In the meantime, heres a few pictures of what arrived in the post for me today. I have maaged to aquire a secondhand "Cen Aqua Jet". I didnt realise untill I unwrapped it that the propshaft, propeller, rudder assembly , motor mount and rudder servo were ALL included.
All I have to do now is choose a suitable powerplant and battery setup. Its approximately  700mm long,  225mm wide and fitted with a 42mm "dog drive" propeller. It alos have a nice metal universal joint fitted to the propshaft, ready to couple up to a suitable motor.
Now what motor to fit? do we go brushed or brushless for a total change as ive not dabbled with brushless motors yet!

How much I hear you all ask?
Well, for those that know me well, you can guess what sort of "silly price" I choose as a top price line I bid to [ha ha].