Tuesday Sailing 31/5/11.

Tonights sailing was accompanied by a nice warm summer evening, with just a gentle breeze, just enough for a certain new Footie to test its sails.
My thanks go to Mark for supplying the pictures, as I was unavoidibly unavailable, stuck on a train on a single track section, withe the train driver "phoning a freind" for assistance. never mind, istill amanged to see my first "live wild seal", basking on a sandbank in the Dovey Esturary. Always happens when you dont have a camera to hand too!

Dont forget, Pelsall Canal Festival is getting closer, so if anyone wishes to attend, please get in touch asap, so we can update the club members list. This is over the 11th/12th June weekend, you can book to go either day [or both].

CMBC's next Pub Meet is Tuesday 14th June, AFTER Pelsal's event so dont leave it till the pub meet to arrange.