Tuesday Sailing 17/5/11.

Tonights dry and calm weather at the pool was surprising to witness. Ok so the clouds looked heavy, they never leaked untill the few that bothered to turn up tonight, were going home anyway.
The Journey over to the pool for me personlly was appauling, due to an unfortunate accident on the M6 motorway cause severe gridlock on the surrounding roads. It took me 1.5 hrs to get there, but those living almost within a stones throw, never even bothered ?
By the time I arrived one of our members was already packing his boat away, unfortunately after following someone elses advise on "up propping" his already fast brushless boat, the extra loading took its toll on the motor, causing non repairable damage to its windings.  So much for advise !
I took my sun tug along and another club member arrived with his superb trawler which is always nice to see on the water.
So heres a few pictures from the sailing crew.