Bank Holiday monday sailing 2/5/11

Well, for want of better words, "only for the brave" springs to mind. The sun was shining brightly, but the breeze that was drifting across the pool from saturday afternoon, was still hanging around, in fact had risen in air speed, so was making the water quite choppy. So Looks like i was the only one brave enough to put a boat in the water. Yep, my good ever faithful Dusseldorf fireboat takes to waves like a surfer does to breakers. the high rakedf bows simply cleave the water and it just "moves" no matter what. Admittidly it did take its toll on the battery duration, so only managed 3/4 hr on one charge today, but it sailed!.

Sorry but no pics, as sailing alone, no one to "do the honors" for me !

Next sailing will be our usual Tuesday PM sailing, kicking off around 5pm.

In the mean time, heres a few more picture images of my latest boat build, RNAS Moorhen.

Not quite ready for water yet, but its getting closer each day that goes by, building from scratch is almost like building the real thing as everything has to be drawn, cut, manufactured and created from base materials.