Tuesday [evening] Sailing 19/4/11

Tonight saw the first of our summer evening sail meets, but met with little popularity, but never mind, it left more of the pool for those who attended instead. Dont forget, we are now sailing Tuesday evenings, kicking off around 5pm, till dusk.
I brought my own Perkasa build along tonight, for its first powered water test. its still very much an ongoing project as yet, so there's a lot of external work to complete as well as finalise the powertrain to my satisfaction.
The initial power test went  as well as could be expected, but after a propeller change for slightly larger ones, performance did pick up, but the batteries were now less than half capacity. I am running twin batteries in the hull, but may need to either relocate one of them, or go for a single, but larger capacity unit. And then maybe drop the propeller size back again.............. We'll see.  So watch this space for further updates.
Mark and Carl had the main area of the pool to themselvesso they had a bit of fun racing their boats together, but it certanly got through some battery changes and charges !
The replacement kort nozzle arrived in the post this morning, to replace the one I lost off the back of my pusher tug on Saturday, so brought that along to check it all out and to check final alignment. Fortunately it was not out of action for long as it was needed as rescue craft during the evening.

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Dont forget, we will be sailing again on Saturday afternoon, kicking off around 1.30 - 2pm, the canoes will be out, so be warned before you get there and expect free space. There is also a big fun fair setting up, for the bank holiday weekeknd  so car parking  will be at a premium.