Saturday sailing 30/4/11

Yet another superb afternoons weather. Ok so may of been a bit breezy, but hey ! it was dry.  Funnily enough, when the weather was colder and darker, more club members were in attendence at the pool, but now we have nice sailing weather hardly anyone takes the time to show up.
NO, you can't blame the canoe hire for your non show, we average a max of 3 canoes on the pool at any one time, and hardly an inconvenience to anyone, the canoe average of late has been minimal. perhaps if the weather was super hot and no breewze, then maybe they might be an issue, but we sail on the far side of the pool, well away from their launching ramp, so they know not to sail too close.
The number of persons sailing the canoes and seen chasing the wild birds on the water is astonishing, especially as nothing is mentioned to those persons from the canoe hire shop.   We can only stand and watch.

On with the pictures................