In the Press.

Following on from our Clubs attendence to the Chasewater Transport Festival, I forwarded on a breif  note to the Local express & Star newspaper. not knowing if it would get published or not, as you never really know with newspapers if they can find space or not, all dependent on any more pressing news coming in and everything else having to fight for the remaining space. however, the Wolverhampton edition of the paper has come up trumps  and has printed the article [p41]. Ok, so its not much, but its a start and hopefully I can keep the paper updated with more news as the year goes on.

For those not going away for the double holiday weekend, we are sailing on Saturday as usual, Tuesday evening [from 5pm]  Saturday 30th and Monday May 2nd, then back to Tuesday 5pm.

Incidentally, for those not catching up on my latest boat build on the modelmayhen site, heres a few pics to update you all on its progress:-