Captains Log, February 2011.

Many thanks to Mark for supplying another in the chain of "messages from the Chairman". As you will see from reading it, Chasewater Model Boat Club is stepping forward and venturing forth in to the world.
here goes With the report anyway:-

Ahoy there me hearties

Well here we are February already, and so far this year we have managed only a few hours sailing due to the wonderful British climate.
Still mustn’t grumble it has allowed us more time to do the things we all enjoy doing like spring cleaning and helping out around the house.
Since the last captains log the club has purchased a very important bit of equipment a pair of waders .So now the retrieval of wayward boats should not be so difficult.
As usual Steve has been very busy keeping the website up to date and has been talking to Chasewater management and has secured a spot for us at the annual vintage rally to be held on the 17th April more details will be available closer to the date.
I have been in touch with the secretary of Greenforge Sailing located at Gailey on the Telford side of the M6 to ask if it would be possible to have a display at there open day later this year, the lady said this should be ok and would put the idea forward at the a.g.m this Thursday and get back to me asap again I will keep you all informed.
Doc is sorting out the fleeces and should have them ready for the next meeting club night , the design has been changed slightly they will now be a black fleece with a gold club logo and red lettering everyone who has paid their money has been informed and is ok with the changes.
Many thanks Doc.
The next club night is

Hope to see you Tuesday
Mark Hough
If anyone has a set of plans for a fairey swordsman I could borrow I would be very grateful if they could bring them along.

17th April 2011.

the event is in aid of:

About George Coller 

George Coller had endured so much in his short life with the constant traumas of coping with Asthma. Eventually it all got too much for his little body and he passed away in his sleep.
He was only three years old and his death was a needless tragedy.
His mother Kim Douglas was devastated at his death and was determined that his life would not pass in vain. She vowed that she would do all she could to prevent other children and their families suffering needlessly with this highly prevalent condition.
With a lot of hard work the George Coller Memorial Fund was launched in 2000. Its aim was and still is to raise awareness about Asthma and to improve healthcare for all those children suffering with the condition.
Since our launch we have gone from strength to strength and we are launched nationally at the end of 2003 in the form of a Grand Charity Ball.
We have helped families in their homes, bought vital hospital equipment, spearheaded a number of awareness campaigns and in January 2004 we were very proud to employ our first George Coller Asthma nurse.
We are now sponsoring school nurses to take their Asthma diploma and receive vital Asthma training. We have also raised enough funds to employ a new George Coller Asthma Nurse within Birmingham Children's Hospital where she is now based.
We are continually committed to working towards a brighter future for children with Asthma and its all in the name of George!

So !
Our Club will have a "donation bucket" on site, so please help us to help this charity by giving a donation for attending and we will try our best to prise a few coppers out of the visiting public, watching our boats on the pool as well.

* URGENT ! *
Anyone interested in attending the Clubs sailing and display event at Chasewater needs to let me know ASAP, as parking spaces will be LIMITED due to the popularity of the event, so I need to arrange with the organisers early to secure sufficient car parking spaces "hopefully" not too far from the pool to allow us easy access with all our gear and equipment. it will be no good simply turning up on the day and "expecting" to find a car space AND to then expect to put your boat on the pool, it simply won't happen. So, get your diary out and check your availability please and let me know so I can draw up a confirmed list of members attending.
It would be nice to see a good mixture of boats, so if anyone interested in attending could they please list their boats, so CMBC committee can pick a suitable mixture to attend, No offence intended to any club member, but we wish to try and ensure no  over duplication of boats. thankyou in advance of your co operation....
Dont worry, CMBC may let you go off and have a wander around the rest of the show area during the day, depending on how good you have been of course !