Tug Barge build.

Work continues on my tug barge. F1 speed boat it is certanly not [ha ha]. Aerodynamic? well, it can carry quite a sizeable load, maybe 3 or 4 F1 speed boats, but could an F1 speed boat carry one barge?

I have completed the basic barge build now, all the main woodwork is complete and has been sanded to remove rough square edges. the upper deck has been sanded and awaits tow bollards fitting before it too will be finally sanded and then of course, all will be painted to keep the weather out.
I do admit to looking inside the hull of the barge and considering a couple fo motors and then changing the deck for superstructure, but then i'd have 3 tugs and nothing to tow about. So here goes with the first barge. iIsay "first barge" as may need a second soon, once I get the hang of towing this one about.

Anyone fancy some barge towing competition?