Only the BBrrrrrave !

If the title didn't give it away, the weather today certainly did. The pool surface had a fair covering of ice today when I arrived about 1pm. but sufficient space to set my Sun tug in the water. after a little bit of sailing I decided to try and break up some of the ice, to allow a few more boats in, if they were brave enough to turn up. Mark our Chairman arrived a little while later and with his help, we managed to shatter some of the surface ice, which then let the mild breeze do some more.
 A few more members turned up and there was sufficient free water to allow easy passing of all the boats.
Steve from Model Boat Bits turned up a little later and brought not only his "prototype  Lowgarth Tug", but a small speed boats and an "rtr" sports boat as a demonstration item for any of the other members to try out. Many thanks Steve, it was a nice thought and well appreciated.
  Unfortunately the little speed boat got caught out by the thin ice and ended up on top of an ice sheet, but with some assistance of my dusseldorf fireboat and Steve's Lowgarth, we managed to break up sufficient ice to get the boat free, without getting anyone feet wet !
OK, it might of taken a bit of time and battery power, but it certainly beat  stepping in tot hat ice cold water!

So here's a few of today's boats for you all.

Missing boat pics? yes and sorry to Mark and Tom,  I didn't get chance to take some photo's of Tom's new fishing boat, which was now performing in the water "how it should", thanks to a faulty battery pack last time out. Daz, did turn up, but the cold weather had prevented him from venturing his new boat out on the pool.  perhaps once the temperature increases, he may well launch the new boat when there is a camera about.

Did manage to capture a bit of video too. of Steve's Lowgarth tug and sports boat "Marlin".